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Project Human Resources Division

Responsible for the recruitment, salary, leave of absence and dismissal of project assistants. Holding labor-management conferences and handling labor insurance, health insurance and labor pension for non-certified workers.

*Division Director: 魏識珠 Wei, Shin-Chu(50891) email: z10904011@email.ncku.edu.tw
-Officer: 林怡杏 Lin Yi Xing (50893) email: z11201004@ncku.edu.tw
-Officer: 楊怡君 Yang, Yi-Jun(50892) email: z11105035@ncku.edu.tw
-Executive Officer: 李宜玲 Lee, Yi-Ling (50899) email: z9610018@email.ncku.edu.tw
-Officer: 王郁閔 Wang, Yu-Min (50894) email: z9501011@email.ncku.edu.tw
-Officer: 林俐妏 Lin, Li-Wen (50896) email: z9802036@email.ncku.edu.tw
-Officer: 林佩瑜 Lin, Pei-Yu (50895) email: z10001002@email.ncku.edu.tw
-Officer: 薛鈺娟 Hsueh, Yu-Chuan (50897) email: z9511015@email.ncku.edu.tw
-Officer: 柯淑惠 Ko, Shu-Hui (50898) email: z9806009@email.ncku.edu.tw