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Compensation and Benefits Division

Responsible for the salary, retirement, dismissal, and compensations. Handling public insurance, health insurance, allowances, and issuing birthday vouchers. Issuing in-service certificate, termination certificate and service certificate for teachers and civil servants of the University. Managing personnel data of the Affiliated Industrial Vocational High School of NCKU.

Division Director 楊朝安 Yang, Chao-An ext:50881
email: z10007056@ncku.edu.tw

Executive Officer 張婷琇 Chang, Ting-Hsiu ext:50882
email: z10803050@ncku.edu.tw

Project Staff 郭宜群 Kuo, Yi-Chun (acting) ext:50885
email: z11107042@ncku.edu.tw

Officer 黃郁芬 Huang, Yu-Fen ext:50883
email: z10202058@ncku.edu.tw

Officer 陳誼安 Chen, Yi-An ext:50886
email: z10611014@ncku.edu.tw