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Assessment and Development Division

Responsible for the yearly salary pay raise, sabbatical, and the advanced study of teachers. In charge of performance appraisal, merits and punishments of the civil servants of the University. Responsible for absence leave, attendance management, part-time jobs and teachings, training and development and recreational activities of teachers and civil servants.

Division Director 紀棋茗 Qi-ming,Ji ext:50871
email: z11109006@ncku.edu.tw

Executive Officer 陳昱蓉 Yu-rong, Chen ext:50873
email: z10804026@ncku.edu.tw

Officer 林衍秀 Yan-xiu, Lin ext:50877
email: z11304061@ncku.edu.tw

Officer 陳嘉惠 Jia-hui, Chen ext:50875
email: z10906043@ncku.edu.tw

Administrator 李宜玲 Yi-ling, Li ext:50872
email: z9610018@ncku.edu.tw

Assistant Administrator 柯淑惠 Shu-hui, Ko ext:50876
email: z9806009@ncku.edu.tw

Assistant Administrator 史欣儀 Xin-yi, Shi ext:50875
email: z9002011@ncku.edu.tw