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Recruitment and Employment Division

Responsible for the recruitment, renewing contract, paperwork on recruitment, promotion, salary assessment and the transfer of teachers and research fellows. Handling the distribution of NCKU civil servants, and thier job attribution, employment, paperwork on recruitment as well as salary appraisal. Managing personnel data of the outstanding fellows of the Top-Notch School Program.

Division Director 黃子庭 Zi-Ting, Huang ext:50861
email: z10907054@ncku.edu.tw

Executive Officer 莊琬琳 Wan-Lin, Zhuang ext:50863
email: z10406004@ncku.edu.tw

Officer 郭家蘅 Jia-Heng, Guo ext:50864
email: z10610049@ncku.edu.tw

Officer 陳建文 Jian-Wen, Chen ext:50867
email: z11304054@ncku.edu.tw

Officer 黃均盈 Jun-Ying, Huang ext:50862
email: z11203003@ncku.edu.tw

Administrator 陳文姿 Wen-zi, Chen ext:50868
email: z8810011@ncku.edu.tw

Junior Administrator 周玄雅 Xuan-Ya, Zhou ext:50865
email: z10603009@ncku.edu.tw

Assistant Administrator 黃郁芬 Yu-Fen, Huang ext:50883
email: z10202058@ncku.edu.tw