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Central Organization Laws

Central Organization Laws

University Act(大學法)
Enforcement Rules of the UNIVERSITY ACT(大學法施行細則)
Teachers’ Act(教師法)
Employment Regulation Regarding University Research Facutly(大學研究人員聘任辦法)
Statute Governing the Appointment of Educators(教育人員任用條例)
Enforcement Rules Governing the Appointment of Educators (教育人員任用條例施行細則)

Act Governing Retirement Severance and Bereavement Compensation for the Teaching and Other Staff Members of Public Schools 


Employment Services Act(就業服務法)
Labor Standards Act(勞動基準法)
Enforcement Rules of the Labor Standards Act(勞動基準法施行細則)
Regulations of Leave-Taking of Workers(勞工請假規則)
Labor Pension Act(勞工退休金條例)
Implementation RegulatIons of the Labor Pension Act(勞工退休金條例施行細則)
Labor Insurance Act (勞工保險條例)
Enforcement Rules of the Labor Insurance Act  (勞工保險條例施行細則)
National Health Insurance Act (全民健康保險法)